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Visa Process

1.  Fill out online form

Fill out online form to provide us your passport detail and Vietnam visa request. We will collect your full name, date of birth, present nationality, passport number and passport expiry date the submit to Vietnam Immigration Department to get approval letter for collecting your Vietnam visa on arrival

2.  Confirm and pay for service fee (Excluded stamp fee paying on arrival at the airport)

Service fee is the fee you pay us to arrange approval letter for picking up your visa on arrival at the airport. Our fee excluded stamp fee due to pay when collect your visa at Vietnam airport.

We accept credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Western Union.

3.  Get visa approval letter

Within 24 hours normally or maximum 48 hours we will send approval letter to your email. When receive your visa approval letter, please:

–  Check carefully your details in the approval letter to see if any incorrectly. Print out the approval letter for boarding and show to get Vietnam visa stamped on your passport at Vietnam Airports. Please email to to ask for correct if any.

–  Prepare cash in USD, Euro or any strong currency equal to $ 25 USD for stamp fee of single entry visa or $ 50 USD for multiple entry visa.

–  Prepare 2 passport size photo for the Entry and exit form. You can down load to fill out, sign and attached photos in advance to save time on arrival.

4.  Get your visa stamped on your passport on arrival.

You will see “Landing visa office” at the airport when you arrive Vietnam. Go there and get your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport. Show documents (visa approval letter, entry and exit  form) and pay for stamp fee to get visa.

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