February 2, 2015
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Is Vietnam Visa on arrival still available

There are a lot of question about the new Vietnam Immigration law regarding Vietnam visa on arrival. We receive huge of questions from travelers asking about “Is Vietnam Visa on arrival still available or not?” Asked by loyal customers. “Yes, visa on arrival still available at Vietnam international airports of Vietnam for waiving tourist around the world” we replied

Visa on arrival bring many advantages for people who want to get a visa because it save time, money and make much easy for visa applicants. Internet make life easier and many countries launch visa on arrival scheme to attract tourist such as : India, Burma, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia, ….including Vietnam.

Many travelers called or emailed us to confirmed about Vietnam visa on arrival is still available because they received information from the embassy or consulate saying that visa on arrival is not legal or closed now or something like that and asking them to get visa at the embassy or consulate.

We can confirm that visa on arrival still open and available. Some embassy or consulate they also offer Vietnam visa on arrival service same as us with the visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration for getting visa on arrival. In case you don’t trust our information, you can get visa at embassy or consulate, but please look around when you reach Vietnam airport for “landing visa office” or “or visa on arrival office” in front of the Immigration line then tell people on the internet that we are saying the truth.

Vietnam always welcomes tourists and friends around the world come and visit Vietnam. However, not all countries in the world have consulate or embassy of Vietnam. That is why visa on arrival scheme was born. It makes your trip become easier. It saves you much time, money. It offers you chance to visiting our beautiful country though there is no embassy or consulate in your country.

To obtain the Visa upon arrival, you must apply the Visa online first. After 1 or 2 working days, the Visa approval letter (approved by Vietnam Immigration Department) will be sent to you by email. This letter says that you are allowed to pick up the Visa at Vietnam airports. You need to print the letter out, use it for boarding and getting the Visa when you arrive Vietnam.

There are 4 international accepts Visa on arrival: Tan Son Nhat airport (in Ho Chi Minh or Saigon city), Noi Bai airport (in Ha Noi city), Da Nang airport (Da Nang city) and Cam Ranh airport (in Nha Trang city).

From 1 Jan, 2015, the new law on Entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam will be taken effect. Following this new law, Vietnam Immigration law will have some changes.

Base on the content of article 18, chapter 2 of the law on Entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam, Visa on arrival is still available.

Article 18. Visa issuance at border checkpoints
1. A foreigner shall be issued with a visa at a border checkpoint in the following cases:
a) The foreigner departs from a country that does not have any visa-issuing authority of Vietnam;
b) The foreigner has to stop by multiple countries before arriving at Vietnam;
c) The foreigner comes to Vietnam to take a tour organized by an international tourism company in Vietnam;
d) Foreign crew members of a ship anchoring at a Vietnam’s port and wish to leave Vietnam through another border checkpoint;
e) The foreigner comes to Vietnam to attend a funeral of his/her relative, or to visit a gravely ill relative;
f) The foreigner comes to Vietnam to participate in dealing with an emergency, rescue, prevention of natural disasters, epidemics, or for another purpose at the request of a competent authority of Vietnam.
2. Any foreigner issued with a visa at a border checkpoint shall submit his/her passport or laissez-passer, fill the application for the visa, and append his/her picture at the immigration counter. A child under 14 years of age shall be mentioned in the same application filled by his/her parent or guardian in case the child use the same passport of his/her parent or guardian.
3. The immigration counter shall compare the application with the notification of the immigration authority to issue the visa.

Legal basis
June 4, 2013

Legal basis for Vietnam visa on arrival at the international airports of Vietnam : ORDINANCE ON ENTRY, EXIT AND RESIDENCE OF FOREIGNERS IN VIETNAM (No. 24/2000/PL-UBTVQH10 of April 28, 2000) approved & singed on April 28, 2000 by Mr Nong Duc Manh – Chairman of Vietnam National Assembly saying that Article 2.

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